Wood Pellet Plant Wood Pellet Making Line

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Product Details

Wood Pellet Plant Wood Pellet Making Line

With the increasing demand for environmental protection, energy reuse has received more attention, and biomass pellet energy has been more and more people's choice. Sawdust pellet is a kind of biomass energy. Wood pellet plant is to produce wood pellet, which using biomass raw materials, such as wood and sawdust, through (crushing), wood pellet making, cooling and packaging. The equipments used are hammer mill, pellet mill, cooler and packaging machine.

Ring die pellet mill, is main used for the wood pellet making line, because of its big capacity. 

Model: MKL450-75 ring die wood pellet mill

Power: 75 Kw

Capacity: 800-1200 Kg/H

Weight: 3200 KG

Packing: 2520*1210*2000 m


Model: MKL 560-110 ring die wood pellet mill

Power: 110 Kw

Capacity: 1200-2000 Kg/H

Weight: 4100 KG

Packing: 2780*1520*2100 mm


Model: MKL560-132 wood pellet machine

Power: 132 Kw

Capacity: 1500-3000 Kg/H

Weight: 5600 KG

Packing: 3600*2100*2500 mm


This wood pellet machine is stable for different raw material, such as sawdust, wood straw, rice husk, bamboo and other material. 


Wood pellet machine packing: most packing directly in container for the wood pellet line. 

Delivery time: about one month.


Laizhou chengda machinery Co.,Ltd, as a pellet mill manufacturer for more than 12 years, we have more experience for producing high quality pellet mill machine.

With the progress of science and technology, our products are also constantly upgrading, so that the equipment can adapt to more raw materials and produce different biomass particles to meet the needs of different customers. Warmly welcome all friends to visit the factory.

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